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I have literally been waiting for this gifset for all time

The Golden Gauntlet, Henri III of France’s armour (details), c.1550

The Golden Gauntlet, Henri III of France’s armour (details), c.1550

The Mother (x)

hannibal // silence of the lambs


A Song of Ice and Fire women & Pre-Raphaelite Art (+ associated artists): 

Joan of Arc (1865), John Everett Millais
- Night (1880-85), Edward Robert Hughes
Ophelia (1894), John William Waterhouse
Vanity (1907), Frank Cadogan Cowper
Mary Magdalene (1858-60), Frederick Sandys
The Soul of the Rose (1908), John William Waterhouse
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), John William Waterhouse
- Priestess of Delphi (1891), John Collier
The Beloved (1865), Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Valykrie’s Vigil (1906), Edward Robert Hughes

You meet instead a funny, self-deprecating man who arrives in jeans and an old sweater and kicks off his shoes. He starts out a little fast and nervous; joking about his star dressing room; saying that in Cincinnati, where he won raves for this production earlier this year, his character wore Hugo Boss and here he wears Armani, not that he can see the difference. He talks about those windows to the actor’s heart, the photos on the makeup mirror. That’s the grandmother who raised him; that’s Michele, whom he married at 23, on their honeymoon.

But he gets to the stuff that’s been tearing him up, the stuff that most leading men would never discuss, pretty early, almost as if he wants to make a public statement. He’s been reading a book that suggests sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day and just seeing what feelings come up, he says, and “basically, there’s a lot of sadness underneath, sadness and anxiety.” (NY Times, 2006)

 15 Days of fanmixes - Day 3: Songs You’ve Recently Fallen In Love With

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Andrew Scott for Topman


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